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4/12/08 Practice, Practice, Practice

One of the most challenging technical aspects of Team RAAM are Racer Exchanges. With Exchanges, a primary component, as with the entire race, is safety. You must be safe with your Racer Exchanges.

What should you do? First off, read the Racer Exchange Rules (sections 1125-1130). Then read them again. Now simluate this with your favorite old toy cars, or anything else you can imagine being a couple vehicles and a couple bikes. You will quickly see the various possibilities and situations. You will want to review this with your racers and your crew so everyone knows how it works and what's happening.

Finally, it's time to put it into practice. If your team lives close go for a weekend long race simulation training ride. Practice Crew changes and racer exchanges. You can take that one step further and challenge a UMCA Record! What an accomplishment that would be. Read. Practice. Do. You'll be ready.


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With a rich 26-year history, RAAM has provided an international stage for cyclists from around the world. Outside Magazine has called RAAM the toughest endurance event on the planet - the top rung of the ultra-endurance ladder.

If you're looking to raise awareness and boost sales, RAAM provides an awesome opportunity. RAAM offers both national and international media coverage via print, television, radio, and internet. Our website has consistent and repetitive viewership throughout the year and grows to 4 million hits during the race.

We offer year-round and periodic opportunities for marketing among the racers, crew, and fans. We have dozens of opportunities from RAAM publications, ongoing events, website, merchandise, product placement and promotion, and more. Click here for more information on Sponsorship.

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