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This website and the RAAM staff have a wealth of information about the race, and they are only two avenues for knowledge and experience. The RAAM family and veterans have even more practical information. Below is a list of resources to reach the RAAM community for questions or browse their stories.

RAAM Forum
The RAAM Forum is an ongoing history of RAAM discussions and experiences. Other than directly talking with RAAM Staff, this is the best place to post a question about the race. This is also the best place to find a team either to race on or to crew for.

We are developing a RAAM mentor network of veterans who will monitor the RAAM Forum. They will post responses to help further the general knowledge of RAAM and preparing for RAAM.

Email List
The UltraMarathon Cycling Association hosts an email list at Google. We recommend using this list for general discussions about Ultracycling and events. You will find many RAAM veterans on this list who can offer help.

Links, Friends, and Partners


UltraMarathon Cycling Association - The sanctioning body for RAAM with almost 2000 members. They publish UltraCycling magazine which is one of the best sources of information about Ultracycling. Many of those articles can be found on that website.

Randonneurs USA - The US body of Randonneurs Mondiaux.

RAAM Qualifiers


Time Stations


Racer Websites and Blogs
Many racers have websites or blogs they update before and during the race. These can help you see what other racers do for preparation.


Veteran Racers
Many racers continue to maintain their website after they have finished and have entries after they have finished including stories of their races. These can be great information for seeing what other racers have encountered and how they handled it.

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