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The Races

The marquee event is the Race Across America (RAAM) - a transcontinental bicycle race starting on the west coast and finishing on the east coast. The race covers 3000 miles across the Rockies, the heartland of America, and finally the Appalachians. It continues to stand as one the toughest events in the world and a tribute to human endurance.

The Race Across the West is the latest addition to the roster of events. It runs concurrently with the Race Across America and covers the first 1000 miles of the RAAM course finishing in Taos, NM. This is a real chance for competitors to test themselves on the RAAM course against the RAAM racers. The 1000 mile distance makes this a truly unique event.

The 24 Hour Challenge is a team oriented event that also runs concurrently with the Race Across America. It covers the first 500 miles of the RAAM course finish in Flagstaff, AZ. This is a great event to bring together a team and experience what RAAM is really about.

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Spring and Fall
It takes a lot of preparation and thought to race any of these races. We offer a Spring Clinic at Hell Week to help with preparations. These include seminars on preparation, demonstrations and photos of techniques and setup, and some hands-on work. This is your chance to question those that have been there.

2007 was the first year for the RAAM Fall Festival at RAAM Headquarters in Boulder, CO. The RAAM Family extends far and wide and this is your chance to come together for a family gathering, have some great food, meet more of your ‘relatives', and tell your tales of RAAM.

Throughout the Year
The Race Across America is sanctioned by the UltraMarathon Cycling Association (UMCA). To compete in the Solo Division of RAAM you must qualify at a RAAM Qualifier. The main qualifiers are listed below. You can find full information for qualifying at the UMCA website.

  • Sebring 24 Hour - Florida, February
  • Heart of the South - Alabama, April
  • Race Around Slovenia - Slovenia, May
  • Team RAAM - June
  • Race Across Oregon - Oregon, July
  • Fireweed 400 - Alaska, July
  • Radmarathon - Switzerland, July
  • Round Czech Republic - Czech Republic, August
  • Ultra Midwest 24 Hour - Iowa, September
  • Adirondack 540 - New York, September
  • Hoodoo 500 - Utah, September
  • Tejas 500 - Texas, October
  • Desafio 24 Hour - Brazil, November

Throughout the US and the world are hundreds of ultramarathon cycling events starting at 125 miles. For a full list of events, check out the UMCA Calendar of Events.

To help keep you motivated and to give you something to work towards, the UMCA offers several programs. You can set a UMCA Record which include state and country records and timed records. The Year-Rounder challenges you to ride at least one century every month of the year. Finally the UltraCycling Cup is a season-long challenge of multiple events to determine the best ultra racers of the year.

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