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RAAM survives largely because of those who have a great deal of passion for the race. You might be one of those people and want to see it thrive just as we do.

Are You Interested in Helping Out?
We have many opportunities to help! Most are during the race, some are not. Many tasks are compensated though it's largely a big thank you and hope that your experience is payment enough. The reality is we rely on your passion for RAAM, especially since our budget is very tight.

Below are a number of different opportunities within RAAM. Ideally we want to match your skills, interests, and expertise with the work there is do. We want you to stay energized. If any of these interest you, please email us.

As always – we are delighted with your generosity and enthusiasm for the race and the Racers! We thank you, and we are certain the Racers and Crew appreciate your efforts even more. They are the reason the race exists.

RAAM has a 26 year history – and the race is still growing. The growth means more and more rookies. We need veterans to help us support the rookies. If you are interested in becoming a mentor, please email us.

Open Positions
In addition to the Management Team, we have several Key Staff positions. Check out what's available.

Time Stations
This is a great way to get involved locally as the race comes through your area. It's a chance to see the amazing Racers and Crew up close and to support your community. Read here about Time Stations and ways to get involved.

During the Race
During the race the RAAM Staff grows to over 40 people plus Time Station Staff. We need your help to support more than 250 Racers and another 750 Crew. These positions require a commitment of several days, but you'll be right in the thick of it!

We have need of some help with smaller, specific projects, such as creating a list of recommended lights for the race. These don't take much time and would really help us out.

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