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Gunter Warner

RAAM was and is an unforgettable event with several different aspects which makes it unique... beside the sportive aspect, there is a social, technical, medical aspect, also teamplay, organization, preparation, communication... you cannot buy a management training which allows you to get so much profit/experience from as RAAM, this is valid for all involved humans in this project.

John Spurgeon To His Co-Workers
Intel also owes RAAM some thanks for the lessons we, my crew and I, learned in the process of competing: lessons about planning, preparation, execution, teamwork, flexibility, perseverance, humility, fortitude... The list goes on and on. RAAM has undoubtedly affected me for the better at work and in life.

Give some thought to how Intel could benefit by encouraging more people to consider getting involved in one of the greatest sporting events in the world. RAAM has a corporate team division. And people who are brave enough to crew for riders are in for the experience of a lifetime. There are also many opportunities to showcase technology before, during, and after the race: digital video and photography, GPS enabled navigation, real-time updates on the web, etc.

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