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The Race Across America celebrates its 27th year of racing in 2008. It continues as one of the biggest and longest running major cycling events in the US. What started out as a race of four cyclists in 1982 has grown to a race of 250 racers. This section will help you cover this amazing event as it stretches from coast to coast. While this is a bike race, you will soon discover it's much more. It's a journey for every racer and every crew from the decision to race to the finish line in Annapolis. Every racer has an amazing story both leading up to and during the race. We hope you enjoy your experience with RAAM and continue to provide coverage of the World's Toughest Bicycle Race!

How to Cover the Race and Use the Website
RAAM is a unique race because it is in progress for 24 hours a day, for a 12 day period, from start to finish. The race is dynamic, with the human drama unfolding at any time of the day or night. There are no natural lapses in the action (like a halftime or end of stage) to easily compile your facts and present a story. Reporting RAAM, is like aiming at a moving target. For that reason, we encourage the press to “just dive in” and report the race's progress and present the drama of the moment.

During the race, our Media Office personnel will answer your questions and provide any fact checks you need. We'll also help facilitate the logistical challenges of on-route interviews with racers and their crews. This can be accomplished via phone, coordinated at a Time Station, a ride-along in one of our media vehicles, or, temporary imbedding in the racer's support vehicle. Please contact the Press Hotline during the race for our help.

News and Newsletter
To be added to our Newsletter and Press Release distribution list, please sign up at the bottom of our home page.

Photos and Photo Access
RAAM provides high resolution photographs to approved media outlets. To get access to the Media section of our Photo Gallery, please e-mail your credentials and request for the instructions and password.

They say a picture is worth a 1000 words. To help understand more of what RAAM is about, here are a few short videos from the 2007 race which paint a picture of the magnitude of the race.

B-Roll footage for use by approved media outlets – coming soon.

Quotes and Testimonials
The race has a profound effect on most who race and many who crew. We receive letters after the race that are truly heartfelt and moving. Here are a few of those pieces.


RAAM Media Office

If you have questions about the race, please feel free to contact us.
Prior to June 7 - contact Perry Stone, VP, Public Relations, Sales and Marketing, at 604-905-3603.
During the Race – contact Jodi Hall, Media Manager, at 415-990-1324
Anytime email.

RAAM in the News

RAAM at Interbike 2007


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