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This section has material to help you prepare for RAAM, RAW, or the 24 Hour Challenge. Much of this material can also be used to prepare for a UMCA Record Attempt or a RAAM Qualifier.

For Solos, first you need to Qualify - this link will take you to the UMCA page on Qualifying.

Events and Registration
So you've decided you want to race - great! Check out the documents on Entry Fees; Race Divisions; Policies; Time Cutoffs and Allowances; and What's Included in your Entry. You will find these documents under Events - RAAM, Events - Race Across the West, and Events - 24 Hour Challenge. Ready to Register? Click here to Register. This will then allow you access to the Online Registration System to fill out the RAAM Application, make payments, and order supplies.

Please read this document to read the instructions for the Online Registration System.

GEAR, Rules, Registration Binder
Once you Register you will receive the GEAR Book, Rules, and a Registration Binder. GEAR stands for Guidelines, Equipment, Advice, and Rules and will help with some of the logistical preparations and knowing details of the start and finish. The Registration Binder will be necessary at the start to check-in and make final preparations for the race. These documents can all be downloaded in this section.

Don't forget to schedule your Vehicle and Bicycle Inspection, Team Photos, and Light Bar Pickup. Click here to access the RAAM Online Scheduling tool.

Getting Ready
Now that you're committed, the following will help you prepare

  • Race Supplies: You get some supplies with your Entry. This lists what else is available - what we sell and what we rent.
  • Guidelines: A set of documents and articles to you prepare for logistics, learn important details, and plan race strategy.
  • Logo Usage Logo downloads and Guidelines for using the logo.
  • Fundraising Toolkit: A set of files to help you find sponsors or raise funds for your charity of choice.
  • PR Toolkit for Racers: A set of files to help you spread the word about your racer!
  • Spring Clinic: Come to the RAAM Spring Clinic at Hell Week to learn from the RAAM Staff about race details.

Link Your Website
Many RAAM racers have personal websites that chronicle their activities throughout the year. Many racers attempt to post photo and blog updates to their websites during the course of the race, but, find the logistics challenging. We encourage you to provide a link to the official RAAM website (www.raceacrossamerica.org) and ensure your audience has access to the entire scope of the RAAM event. Most importantly, we encourage you to point your audience to the official RAAM website during the race so your audience can find dynamic media coverage during the race. RAAM has a dedicated media crew that will post an enormous amount of coverage to the website including narrative update reports and commentary every 15 minutes, thousands of photos, and several video field reports each day

You can also review the Community section for the RAAM Forum, email lists, and Racer websites.

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